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6 Figure Worthy Zoom Background E-Book

Hey Fellow Female Entrepreneur!

Do you dream of having a 6-figure business?

Developing and growing a 6-figure business does not happen by chance or luck.  You must evolve into the woman that has that level of business both mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 

There are many different considerations and things to set up and accomplish in order to reach that level of business, including having a really inspiring, organized, professional, and on-brand, workspace and background when you’re on your zoom calls.

Why should you care about your Zoom background?

Did you know your background on Zoom can gain you more respect, attract higher paying clients, and help you grow that 6-figure business you desire? Or, it can do the opposite by sabotaging your business, your income, and your credibility?

If you want to build a 6-figure business, be known as an expert in your field, and sell your high ticket programs, how you present yourself while you are on Zoom is extremely important.

Elements of This Ebook

Feel More Confident

When you feel confident about your space and how you are showing up, you will be more confident in your meetings too, and the people you are communicating with will pick up on that.

Attract More High-Paying Clients

When you show up to your networking, discovery, partnership, and speaking engagement calls with calm, confident, and present energy, perfectly aligned with your business and your brand, you will attract people and clients who want to learn from you and willing to invest in themselves through you.

Gain More Respect

Confidence attracts respect.  When you are relaxed, confident, and your workspace looks professional and on-brand, you will naturally attract more respect amongst your peers, coaches, networking and referral partners, current and potential clients.

Improve Your Coaching Skills

When you feel confident and relaxed in your presentation, you will be more present, mindful, attentive, and responsive to your clients, and therefore you are providing them with better service, care, and support.

Position Yourself As An Expert In Your Industry

A calm and relaxed energy that communicates confidence and attracts respect with a beautiful, on-brand surrounding while you’re connecting with people will have them paying more attention to you and take you more seriously, quickly gain you expert status in your industry when they see the committment you are putting into your business.

Position Your Business As A Top Tier, Reliable, Legitimate Company

When you are seen as an expert, and you are presenting yourself at your meetings with confidence, low stress, and professionalism, your business will become the reliable, top-tier, go-to company in your industry.

Create Happier Clients & Grow Your Business

Clients that are receiving better care and support will give you more testimonials, more referrals, and help you get more clients.  Because of course, more clients means more money, which means you’ll be able to grow your own 6-figure business.

Achieve The Freedom, Finances, Impact, & Life You Desire

By positioning yourself and your business as an expert, go-to company, attracting high-paying clients, and being able to provide quality coaching and support, your business will grow and you will be able to achieve the freedom, financial stability and independence, and create the impact you desire in your business and in your life.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Marybeth. I am a heart, wellness, and sustainability-centered interior designer, professional organizer, home stylist, author, speaker, and coach with over 15 years of experience in the interior design and sustainable living industries.

I work side-by-side with female entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by creating an inspiring workspace and a calm home sanctuary that will reduce your stress, improve your focus, work more efficiently, and grow your business so you can have the freedom, security, and joy to pursue all of your dreams.

I am so excited to share my 3 keys to creating your beautiful, professional, and on-brand Zoom background because I fully believe in the power your background can have on your confidence, your sales, your business, and your life.

Want custom ideas to improve your Zoom Background to be able to attract your ideal clients, increase your income, and grow your business?

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