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About Us

We Are Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions

We’re a group of compassionate and emotionally supportive professional organizers, interior designers, and mindful living coaches specializing in mental wellness and sustainability.

Leading SLS is Marybeth Welty, who uses her passion for homes, mental health, and the environment to support and empower you in creating a home that is beautiful and inspiring, that will improve your health, work, relationships, and create the life of your dreams that’s sustainable, maintainable, and will evolve with you over time.

Understanding the struggle with mental illness and how much influence a home has on your mental health, we believe if you transform your home you can transform your entire life.

SLS’s approach incorporates organizing, refined design principles, sustainable living considerations, and mental wellness support to help you create a beautiful, healthy, relaxing, and rejuvenating space that supports your unique lifestyle and goals.

Check out our new free mini-ebook to learn about how your home affects your mental health and how you can get into the mindset to get things done around home.

Stay tuned for the new book, Healthy Mind, Healthy Home…coming out soon!

SLS headquarters are located in beautiful Vancouver, BC serving clients in-person OR online anywhere in the world where English is spoken.

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We are Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions and we will create beauty and sustainability in your home and life.

Our Founder

Marybeth Welty has been working in sustainable organizing, design, and consulting for buildings and interior spaces since 2010. Managing anxiety and depression herself from a young age, her journey to mental wellness began in 2005.

She is passionate about helping others who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Her expertise lies in helping clients achieve beautiful spaces that meld mental health and environmental considerations with refined design principles, organizing best practices, and mental wellness strategies.