Calm Homes + Lucrative Home Offices For Professional Women

Female Entreptrepeneurs!

Bring in more money, clients, and freedom this year!

3 Keys To Optimize

Your Home Office

MARCH 19-21, 2024 3-5PM PST

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Free 3-Day Mini-Course 3-5pm Pacific Time

Are you a Coach, Speaker, Course Creator, or Feminine Leaning Entrepreneur?

Are you a Coach, Speaker, Course Creator, or Feminine Leaning Entrepreneur?

Do you get distracted easily while you work?

Do you ever have trouble finding your notes in the piles of books and papers (and coffee cups) on your desk?

Is your email inbox all read and sorted, and can you easily find the information your assistant needs to complete their work?

If you’re 
tired of feeling stressed and chaotic throughout your work day and would love to have more ease, flow, and money in your business, then this training is for you. 

Free 3-Day Mini Course

3 Keys To OptimizeYour Home Office

  • Clear your clutter & start the spring FRESH!

  • Brand your workspace to attract high-paying clients.

  • Calm the chaos of your digital files & emails.

  • Grow your 6-figure business in 2024!

Time Is Money

How Much Time Are You WastingTrying To Find A File, Note, or Email?

Did you know… the average entrepreneur spends 2 hours/day trying to find files, emails, notes, or documents.  
That’s 10hrs/week!

NOT TO MENTION all the stress and frustration you accumulate from trying to find the things you need to run your business.

That stressful energy is felt on your zoom calls with potential clients, in your marketing, and beyond.

You are LOSING CLIENTS by not having a workspace that is aligned with your business, your brand, and your brain.

Stop wasting your precious time on trying to find things, and start spending it on income-generating activities with this 3 day mini-course!

Uplevel Your Impact In This 3-Day Mini Course:

Save Time

Cut down on the time you are wasting looking for files, notes or emails so you can spend more time on clients and income-generating tasks.

Attract More High-Paying Clients

Align with your business and brand to attract the exact customer who wants to work with you.

Reduce Your Stress

Move with ease and flow during your work day by making your space and systems easier and simpler. 

Improve Your Coaching Skills

You will be more present, mindful, attentive, and responsive to your clients through the techniques taught in this workshop.

Feel More Confident

Learn the secrets to showing up confident in meetings and speaking engagements.

Grow Your Business

Producing higher quality of work for your clients will give you more testimonials and referrals, help you grow your network, and bring in more business.

Gain More Respect

Confidence attracts respect.  You will naturally attract more respect and position yourself as an expert amongst your peers, coaches, networking and referral partners, current and potential clients.

Achieve The Freedom, Finances, Impact, & Life You Desire

Improve your efficiency so you can make more money, free up your time, and make more impact in your business & life.

Elements of This 3-Day Mini Course

Day 1: Your 6-Figure Mindset

Dive into your goals and get clear on what's holding you back from having a 6-figure business. Learn how to align your mind with that level of entrepreneurship and business, and shift your mindset from, "I'm working from home" to "I am building a 6-figure business from home."

Day 2: Your Profitable Office Space

Learn how to brand and up-level your home workspace to reduce your stress and increase your credibility, attract high paying clients, position yourself and your business as a top-tier, go-to expert, and grow your business.

Day 3: Your Efficient Digital Workspace

Are you tired of wasting time trying to find that one file or email? Do you get overwhelmed looking through all of the files scattered over your desktop? We are going to calm the chaos of your digital space by organizing your computer desktop, files, emails, improving your time managment, and productivity so you can create a digital workspace that's efficient, stress-free, and gives you the time and financial freedom you want as an entrepreneur.


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Marybeth. I am an award winning home and office design expert, professional organizer, speaker, author, and coach with over 15 years of experience creating home and business transformations for professional women and female entrepreneurs. I’m so excited to be guiding you through this 3-day live mini-course.

I am the owner of Sustainable Lifestyle Solutions, a home, work, life, and wellness studio whose mission is to empower women with the tools and support they need to sustainably create a home, a business, and a life that lights them up and makes them proud.

I work side-by-side with female entrepreneurs who want to grow their business by creating an inspiring workspace and a calm home sanctuary that will reduce your stress, improve your focus, allow you to work more efficiently, and grow your business so you can have the freedom, security, and joy to pursue all of your dreams.