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Calm and Confident on Camera! Checklist

Align yourself and your space with your business and brand to attract your ideal clients with this 3-day prep-list

There are 2 types of lives you might do for your business.

1 – The Spontaneous (or close to spontaneous) Live 

This is where you pop into your Facebook group or pull up Facebook or Instagram on your phone and go live from wherever you are.

2 – The Planned Live

This is a scheduled meeting or event where you plan to go live.  This could also be where you will be recording videos for your courses, website, or social media that is generally rehearsed and possibly scripted.

It’s super important that if you PLAN to go live that you and your space appear aligned with your business, your brand, and your message. 🪴 

When these things aren’t in sync, this can compromise your credibility and cause people to doubt your services. 

Are you having trouble attracting and signing clients?  This could be why…

Want to learn how to get yourself and your space aligned with your business and your brand?  Check out this free checklist to:

  • Get organized,

  • Present yourself confidently and professionally,

  • Boost your credibility,

  • Attract the clients who are ready to invest in themselves through your services.

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