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5 Habits That Will Keep Your Home Tidy

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Written By Florena Davies of Organize By Flo as part of our Organizing Blog Collab.

We all know that Our homes can get out of hand So easy!  We have Compiled a list of small simple things that if you get in the habit of doing, they will help keep your home so much tidier and save so much time in the long run.

1. Make your bed every morning

A poll conducted by the national sleep foundation found that people who make their bed in the morning are 19 % more likely to have a good night sleep every night. This small task starts your day off with a sense of calm, a feeling of accomplishment and helps reduce stress. This is the first step to a more productive and fulfilling day.

2. Put your coats, sweaters, shoes and bag away as soon as you come home

Nothing can clutter a place up faster then coats, shoes and bags tossed everywhere. As soon as you walk in take the extra minute to put your shoes away, hang your coat and empty your bag/backpack and put it away. This will keep things tidy as well as keep clutter from building in your bag. 

3. Never leave a room empty handed

I have been doing this small task for as long as I can remember, and it is the key to keeping my home tidy. Any time I leave a room I scan it. I look for anything that may need to go to another room and I will drop the items off from room to room as I go.

However, as “Clean and Sensible” blog site suggests “take only what you will have time to put away, moving a pile from one room to another without putting anything away doesn’t really help you out much”.

4. Put your clothes to the laundry or away every time you change 

Clothes are the most common thing to clutter up our bedrooms quickly. As soon as you change put them where they belong, either in the laundry or hang them back up. Do not throw them on the floor or on the dresser/bed. 

FYI If they are uncomfortable put them off to donate and if they are torn immediately toss them in the trash, this keeps items from sitting unused taking up valuable real estate for long periods of time. 

5. Tidy your workspace before you leave each task.

Whether it’s brushing your teeth, cooking or working at your desk, tidy up the space you were using before leaving it. This reduces not just clutter but helps you clean the mess you are leaving behind.

In the long run these 5 tips will ensure you have less tidying to do on your days off and as we all have done before, you will not have to do the 15-minute mad dash to clean up because we forgot company is on there way over.


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